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Brian Champagne 2/05/07 Annotated Bibliography on Computers, Consciousness and Nancy Cruzen Goldberg, Steven. The Changing Face of Death: Computers, Consciousness, and Nancy Cruzan . Stanford, CA. Stanford Law Review © 1991 This chapter has brought to light some new interesting information regarding cognition. Steven Goldberg first demonstrates the rapid development of artificial intelligence through the example of a super computer called deep thought that has defeated almost every master chess player in the world. Yet, Goldberg still asserts that there is a distinction between the computer and human beings in the area of self awareness. He also identifies the major constituents of humanity as being cognition and consciousness which he believes separate humans from small animals such as a mouse. Another important piece of information Goldberg provides posits that Henry Beecher, Chairman of the Harvard Committee defined death as the loss of consciousness. This being said, the committee still agreed to a whole brain formulation of death, but Golberg claims that
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