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Brian Champagne 2/9/07 Zaner R.M. Death Beyond Whole-Brain Criterion . Tennessee: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1988. pgs. 171-189. Annotated Bibliography on “Brains and Persons” The chapter entitled Brains and Persons discusses a few enlightening points in support of the neocortical position of death, while also providing some helpful resources for finding more information on the topic of personhood. In this chapter there is a critique of a philosopher named Veache who wrote an entry in a book where he speculates that humans are fundamentally social animals and that people without the ability to think, feel and most importantly interact with other individuals have impaired their capacity for human hood. He also believes that humans are the junction of soul and body and that the irreversible separation of this entity deems a person dead. Another point that Richard M. Zaner alludes to is the inability to come to a conclusion about what characteristics comprise personhood. He believes that there are differing opinions on
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