5 Archaic Greece- The West Emerges

5 Archaic Greece- The West Emerges - Archaic Greece The...

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Archaic Greece: The West Emerges Hellas (Hellenic) We call them Greeks, Latins called them Grekei. This is the study of Hellenic Culture Dark Ages Severe decline in population, no writing, no monumental art or architecture. People ceased to live in large groups around fortified citadels. People went off to life in country side. Each individual family is called an oikos> it means household. Oikonomia>basica economic unit in Greece. They subsisted off the land Any types of stories are oral throughout this time period. Traveling Bards: Individuals that would travel the countryside telling stories: they composed stories or passed them on. a. the most famous bard is Homer HOMER From area of Asia Minor. Most famous Bard. The legend is that he was a blind poet but modern psychologists say perhaps that is true. They say individuals that have no sight are capable of remembering more things in lists and stories. Some say he is just a myth and never existed. But most say he did. He wrote two very important epics. a. Iliad : story of the Trojan war itself. (geography: close to back Sea, breadbasket of the ancient world, majority of grain grown there) There was a big trade area. Takes place outside the walls of Troy. Mainly has to do with Achilles who was dipped except for his heel into immortal water— based on something that Greeks really did. They would divide up peoples goods after conquering them. They talk about this story as the wrath of Achilles. When an older man takes his woman (from war) away, he stays in his tent and sulks. In a battle his best friend is killed, and he realizes if he had been there he could have saved his young friend. The author was telling young men not to pout, but to stay with the group and stick together. What Greeks are promoting are ideal types for Greeks. arête/Excellence is being the perfect warrior> avoid selfishness and get success. - Causes of Trojan War *** Legendary : The judgment of Paris: There was gonna be a big wedding. Gods and goddess invited except Eris (goddess of discord). She found out about it. God a big golden apple and carved on it “to the fairest.” When the party was winding down, she rolled the apple into the party. One lady found it and though oh it must be for me; ladies started fighting. They went to Zeus (3 ladies> Hera, Athena, Aphrodite) and asked him who was the fairest. He wasn’t about to upset all of the women (one including his wife) but he tells Paris, young prince to decide who was fairest and getting the golden apple. Hera says if he picks her she’ll give him Great empire. Athena will give war strategy, best general and most clever Aphrodite will give most gorgeous woman
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Paris picks Aphrodite who gives him Helen as his wife. (Helen happens to be a Mycenaen aka Greeks queen married, but she goes off with Paris with Troy) Greeks have to go and get her back again. (Greeks didn’t think much of women at all, but it was their pride) They call Helen the faced
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5 Archaic Greece- The West Emerges - Archaic Greece The...

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