4 The Aegean- Contact Point of the Ancient World

4 The Aegean- Contact Point of the Ancient World - The...

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The Aegean: Contact Point of the Ancient World Geography When you are in Greece you are never more than 40 miles away from the ocean There are mountains all around and most even have ice all year round on top, rugged mountain terrain Allowed easy transportation, trade, fishing ( never been that great, today terrible) Natural defense (provides a border), cultural interaction City states grew up separately form each other and eventually caused its downfall Much marble Cycladic Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea (east of Greece) We only have artifacts to know about them. They have Cycladic Artifacts CYCLADIC IDOLS 5-6 inches high, some are ½ inch high, some are life-size, they probably have to do with the persons age and status (if you are older you have a larger one, or wealthier, etc) There are hundreds of these in Aegean collections. They are ALL of female figures. a. most are found in tombs (the ones that were left by the ancient peoples, in context b. not intended to stand up c. style: very abstract, very flat and linear, indicating essential aspect of this d. they were originally painted (all ancient structure and architecture were painted, but paint chipped away) e. Purpose: maybe they were like serdab statues from Egypt, the soul of the person were preserved in that. The problem with this theory is that they were all women. Another theory was that they were fertility figures, but they are thin and don’t look very fertile and are placed in tombs. Some think that they are female goddess figures, and its true that thee more dependent cultures were on nature, the more they praised these types of figures. Another theory is that they were guides to the underworld. (afterlife down) They thought that in order for the person to find their way through the underworld, they needed a guide. (homer’s odyssey has this illustration, Dante’s divine comedy) These figures originated in the Cycladic cultures. (later Greeks did not let men handle dead bodies, washing cleaning prep) MUSICIAN FIGURES Sometimes you will find male figures, but they are all musicians (lyre) perhaps indicating that mean had role in funerary rituals by accompanying women in the process through mourning and singing. They were not flat and linear, indicating they were more central in life). These were made of marble. The main earth of Greece is made of marble. All of them are of human beings, this is the humanism (focus on human beings) BIG ism in the ancient world. Minoan PEACE AND PROSPERITY: ISLANDS OF CRETE AND SANTORINI
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No defensive walls on island. Cities are built about 3 miles inland (very similar in all these regions). They were not built on the coast, because of fear of piracy or invasion/ attack. Defensive placement but no particular structures We don’t see big invasions, but we do see a few paintings of naval struggles in other ports. We mostly see peace and prosperity which allows for development of other things. Higher standard of living
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4 The Aegean- Contact Point of the Ancient World - The...

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