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17 The Middle Ages and the Search for Order

17 The Middle Ages and the Search for Order - The Middle...

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The Middle Ages and the Search for Order Early Middle Ages “Dark Ages” vs. “Middle Ages” or the “Medieval Era” Over Expansion of Roman Empire, weakening of strong government Diocletian divided Empire in East and West Changes in climate in Europe, northern tribes move south Invasions or Migrations? Uns, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Vikings End of Roan Empire: 476 Germanic Chieftain Odoacer became King Fall or transmutation? Decline in standards of living, little monumental architecture Chaos results in insecurity and uncertainty Charlemagne and the Carolingian Renaissance Europe Rise of aristocracy (inheritance, wealth) Competition among rival states Little by little Franks carve out majority of land in Europe CharlesMartel Martel means the Hammer He was Frankish (France comes from this name) He was said to be a devout Christian Battle o f Tours: defeated Muslims (732), pushed them down into Spain where their influence remains Supported papacy: supported pope in Rome, and gained his support by saying that people in his state would be Christian (religion and state cemented together) – popes of this time were powerful in their own right with religious power over the people and even military forces. If king did something pope didn’t like, he could excommunicate him or even the kingdom (blocking them from everlasting life) Pepin “the Short” Appointed king of the Franks (751-768) by Pope’s representatives Continued fathers policies so when he became king, he asked the pope at Rome to send a representative to crown him King. It was important for him that the people saw he had the support of the King Charlemagne One of the founders of France, so his name is French He was really named after father “Charles” in Latin Carolus the Great Charlemagne means Charles Maximus or Carolus the Great Called the Carolingian dynasty One of most famous of Medieval leaders (pivotal in changing history): Expanded Carolingian Empire Established thick border between Christian France and Muslim Spain. He called that defensive area the Spanish March.” Charlemagne wanted a strong allegiance with pope like forefathers. Decided to go down to Rome to be crowned by pope himself. They had ceremony in St. Peters and
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pope himself put the crown on his head. This showed he was undisputed Frankish
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17 The Middle Ages and the Search for Order - The Middle...

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