16 The Early Middle Ages

16 The Early Middle Ages - The Early Middle Ages...

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The Early Middle Ages: Instability in Rome Byzantine Empire : later historian’s word for the Eastern Roman Empire Late Roman Empire Problems Overexpansion, disunity, migration/invitations, loss of tax base Diocletian Divided Empire: West was Rome, East was Byzantium Within a few years it became Constantinople Organized the kingdom by dividing it and trying to maintain Roman Empire: two halves each with Caesar and an Augustus Made an imaginary grid over entire empire and named Dioceses Dioceses: named after himself with administrators over those Decline of Rome and the Rise of Christianity “fall or transmutation” Transmutation from pagan landscape to Christian Germanic state (when Germanic speaking person takes over throne of Rome) Constantinople Battle of the Milvian Bridge (312 Edict of Milan (313) Council of Nicea (323): Arius of Athanasius? Church “versus” State Issue Emperor served as head of religion When Constantine put himself as head of Christian church, everyone thought it was perfectly normal Roman Emperor Pontifex Maximus; history of Roman “state” religion Theodosius Late Roman Empire Dark Ages vs. Middle Ages Historians don’t call it the Dark Ages anymore (about 1000 yrs) It was a brilliant time in itself: rise of Christianity, writers, architecture For certain times of that time period there was no writing to bring “light” to the time Middle Ages: implies it’s the middle stuff between the end of Rome and rise of Renaissance Name should be Medieval Era Early: strain of roman Government, increasing tax base, desperate measures to hold empire together. Would have maybe worked except…. About 400 the WEATHER changed dramatically Changes in Climate Northern Europe very wet and very cold In freezing conditions they started to move south to survive Northern groups/ tribes move south across undefended borders of Roman Empire Called period of Invasions and Migrations
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Invasions or Migrations? During this time we have the Germanic People: have own language and are not
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16 The Early Middle Ages - The Early Middle Ages...

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