13 The Age of Augustus and the Roman Empire

13 The Age of Augustus and the Roman Empire - The Age of...

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The Age of Augustus and the Roman Empire Age of Augustus AGUSTUS’ ACCOMPLISHMENTS Says that he found Rome a city of brick, and left it a city of marble How the Romans used public monuments to show what Rome and Romans should be; a walk through imperial Rome “grandeur and manipulation” Augustus told the people that he would restore the republic but instead he ushered in the Roman empire They used thin marble venires on their structures (Greeks had to have SOLID marble!) but here they put a small layer. It was a city noted for its grandeur At its height, the city of Rome had 1 million people The glory that was Greece, the Grandeur that was Rome Every aspect of peoples’ lives was manipulated by the state TITLES PRINCEPS o Means first among equals (we’re all equal I’m just a little more first) o it is where we get the name prince from IMPERATOR o Means victorious commander, and he was o Where we get the word emperor PATER PATRIAE o Means Father of his country o Where we get patriotic form PONTIFEX MAXIMUS o Chief Priest of Rome o “Priest” & “Big” IMPERIUM o Idea that it is divinely sanctioned and gods have selected him to be victorious VIRGIL’S AENEID AUGUSTAN HERO o When Virgil wrote the epic poem, Aeneid (did so at the request of Augustus), he creates Aeneas as an Augustan Hero o The parallels of Aeneas with Augustus and Roman Republic, were not accidental. o In the entire thing they are setting up Augustus as Aeneas’ successor and descendant o The good of Rome over personal desires (leaves Dido, gives up Carthage to make Rome) o The Anead starts with “I sing the war of Rome” PIETAS o This is selfless, everything you do, you do for the glory of Rome o This helps to mobilize people
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o This means duty to the state of Rome and then duty to his family o This is a different kind of value than Greeks had (arête), where you look inward THE ROMAN TASK
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13 The Age of Augustus and the Roman Empire - The Age of...

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