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132Test#3studyguide'08 - (1890 collectivization Sykes-Picot...

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Bridgewater State College Department of History Hst. 132 World History since 1500 C. Cox Test 3 Study Guide 4/ 13/ 08 A. The following terms will be used for the short-answer section of the test. Test date is Nov. 20 th . Deflation Yamagata Aritomo Zimmermann Telegram unilateral / multilateral Treaty of Amity and Commerce, 1858 Iwakura Mission, 1871 Woodrow Wilson Social Darwinism “trench warfare” “Meiji Revolution” Sudetenland Spanish-American War Fourteen Points Boer War League of Nations King-Crane Report national self-determination Theodore Roosevelt “Mandate of Heaven” Czar Nicholas II “Middle Kingdom” Dr. Sun Yatsen Sepoy Rebellion socialism Weimar Republic Great Depression Franklin Roosevelt Franco-Prussian War Boxer Rebellion “New Deal” Russo-Japanese War Joseph Stalin Rescript on Education
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Unformatted text preview: (1890) collectivization Sykes-Picot Agreement communism Zionism fascism Theodor Herzl Mussolini Sino-Japanese War, 1895 “war guilt” clause Keio Gijuku Meiji Constitution On Conditions in the West B. Be able to address the following comparatives, and/or define the author’s arguments in the following selections. 1. Comments of the German Delegation … / Wilson’s Fourteen Points. 2. Yataro’s, Letter to Mitsubishi Employees . 3. Muslim Brotherhood, Toward the Light . 4. Rammohun Roy, Letter to Lord Amherst . 5. Fundamental Code on Education (1872) / Rescript on Education (1890). 6. Jiji Shinpo - “peacetime warfare” / Jules Ferry’s “Speech…”. 7. Testimony before Parliament…on Working Conditions … / Samuel Smiles., Self- Help and Thrift ....
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