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The American Clock

The American Clock - 4 Lee takes mom’s bracelet to pawn...

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The American Cock Characters Older Robertson: Pg. 1 Robertson: Pg. 1 Clarence: Pg. 2 Older Lee: Pg. 3 Moe Baum: Pg. 3 Rose Baum: Pg. 3 Fanny: Pg. 4 Tony: Pg.11 Diana Morgan: Pg. 12 Joey: Pg. 21 Old Henry: Pg. 23 Doris: Pg.28 Edie: Pg. 78 Events 1.) Robertson advices Clarence to sell stock. 2.) Grandpa, Rose, and Fanny go to a show in Brooklyn. Moe, Lee’s dad, is obsessed with work. 3.) We learn of the stock market crash through Diana and co.
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Unformatted text preview: 4.) Lee takes mom’s bracelet to pawn shop; we meet Joey 5.) Old Henry reminisces about the dust bowl and how he bought back his own farm. 6.) Robertson and Diana get married 7.) Lee moves out 8.) Rose and Moe are in the dumps 9.) Lee can’t decide whether or not to join the communist party 10.) Not sure but seems like Diana leaves Robertson....
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