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1.7.08 - HILD 7B LECTURE Main Ideas capitalism democracy...

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HILD 7B LECTURE 1/7/08 Main Ideas: capitalism, democracy, distribution of power, egalitarianism International context of migration: - how to understand what migration is - since the mid 16 th century approx 100 mil people who have moved to other places; first regional, then across oceans to (largely) multinational countries - Q: what's stimulating the movement? A. Why Migrate? 1. Causes: i. avoid declining economic opportunities 1. conquest/settle Americas, Australia, Africa 2. demand for workers 3. commercial agriculture/money & debt, which allows for possible movement ii. flee war, turmoil, civil unrest iii. land availability iv. inheritance patterns – eldest son...etc 2. Means: i. transportation revolution: mechanization, infrastructure 1. early 19 th century – steamships, railroads, canals 2. worked with commercial agriculture ii. chain migration: go because someone else has been there before you 1. often small initial group (pioneers) then info circulation (personal) 2. makes most sense where new modes of communication are emerging 1.
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