1.16.08 - HILD 7B LECTURE 1.16.08 A Empire of Free Trade...

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Unformatted text preview: HILD 7B LECTURE 1.16.08 A. Empire of Free Trade- Opening Japan- 1600s Japan start trading with Portuguese and Dutch- 1637 - 1868 isolation after uprisings in port, worries about insurrection/religious conversion- Tokugawa Period: minimize all transactions- 1858 interrupted by Matthew Perry: began to sign treaties with other countries b/c fear opium wars like China- Commodore Perry: bring naval force into Tokyo harbor to encourage free trade with USA, want treaty- contact most valued = trading with American merchants- pg 44 show Japan that her interests will be promoted by communication, liberal commercial treaties- foul reproach to Christendom...let those who are older guide: connect religion to commerce and national interests- personifies japan as a young child that needs help from older nations- what constitutes progress & happiness?- Japan forced into treaty- trade = progress = happiness- danger that Japan might “relapse into cheerless...”- communication and intercourse: certain ports opened- NY Times Heralds New Trade 1858: what they predict will become important with “opening” of China & Japan- pg 45 pacific coast “active with the hum of commerce as Northern coasts of Atlantic”...
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1.16.08 - HILD 7B LECTURE 1.16.08 A Empire of Free Trade...

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