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Study Guide EXAM 1-1 - SOC 140 EXAM 1 Study Guide SOC 140...

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SOC 140 UCR Fall ‘06 EXAM 1 Study Guide SOC 140 – EXAM #1 Study Guide 1. How does language influence the way we think about gender? - Language influences the way we think about gender because it: 1. shapes our definition of reality 2. It transforms how we think about gender. 3. It is embedded with sexist’s assumptions (p. 72) 2. Why is it important to study women? - Sexist language leads to sexist assumptions Ex: Think about attitudes conveyed in these expressions -bitch, lady, babe, whore, mother 3. What is the matrix of domination , as described by Patricia Hill Collins? - The particular configuration of race, class, and gender relations in society is such that together they establish an interlocking system of domination; no one of them can really be understood without understanding the others, as well. Ex: White women privileged by race, but disadvantaged by gender (and possibly class) Black men: privileged by gender, disadvantaged by race and class oppression. 4. How is gender not just a “role” but a social structure? - Created through social learning and structure of social institutions - Gender deeply embedded in social institutions - Gender not just a “role,” but social structure Roles can be assumed and discarded; gender is not as easily changed 1
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SOC 140 UCR Fall ‘06 EXAM 1 Study Guide Gender is a status, just as race is a status 5. What is Identification Theory? - A.K.A. Psychoanalytic gender theory - Gender is learned by identifying identity with same sex parent - Based on Freudian psychoanalytic perspective - Psycho-sexual bend shapes child’s sex-role identity - Focus on unconscious, making empirical 6. What is Object Relations Theory? - Introduced by Chodorow - “asymmetrical parenting”: women’s work devalued - Boys: become more detached from family while girls remain attached - Girls: focus on relationships and caring for others - Boys: emotion suppression and lack of commitment to others 7. What is the Symbolic Interactionists’ theory of gender? -
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Study Guide EXAM 1-1 - SOC 140 EXAM 1 Study Guide SOC 140...

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