t1fa06sample - CS100M (EAS/CIS 121) Fall 2006 Prelim 1 Sept...

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CS100M (EAS/CIS 121) Fall 2006 Prelim 1 Sept 25 7:30–9:00pm 1 Name: _________________________________________________ (Legibly print last name, first name, middle name) NetID: _________ Statement of integrity: I did not, and will not, violate the rules of academic integrity on this exam. ________________________________________ (Signature) Q1: (30) _________ ____ Q2: (25) _________ ____ Q3: (25) _________ ____ Q4: (20) _________ ____ Total: (100) _________ ____ Circle your lecture time : 9:05 or 11:15 Circle your section instructor’s name: Tuesday Wednesday 10:10 Anton Morozov 11:15 Anton Morozov 12:20 Kim Truong Leon Chen 1:25 Lucian Leahu Leon Chen 2:30 Lucian Leahu Richard Yamada 3:35 Sam Lee Richard Yamada 7:30 Abhishek Sharma Instructions: This is a 90-minute, closed-book exam; no calculators are allowed. The exam is worth a total of 100 points, so you should try to spend no more than about 18 minutes on a 20-point question. Read each problem completely, including any provided code, before starting it. Raise your hand if you have any questions. Use the backs of pages or ask for additional sheets of paper as necessary. Clarity, conciseness, and good programming style count for credit. If you supply multiple answers, we will grade only one . Use only M ATLAB code. No credit for code written in other programming languages. Assume there will be no input errors. Write user-defined functions only if asked to do so. Do not use arrays. Do not use switch , try , catch , or break statements.
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This note was uploaded on 02/15/2008 for the course CS 100 taught by Professor Fan/vanloan during the Fall '07 term at Cornell.

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t1fa06sample - CS100M (EAS/CIS 121) Fall 2006 Prelim 1 Sept...

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