Chapter 12 Lecture Outline

Chapter 12 Lecture Outline - Chapter 12 Pre-Civil War...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 12 Pre-Civil War Reform Causes of the Reform Movements Recognit ion and Evaluat ion of Social Problems Moral Sensibilit y and Responsibilit y Religious Fervor and Revivalism 19th Century Social Problems Gangs and Mob Vio lence Drunkenness Increasing Crime Rates Prostitution Moral Sensibility and Responsibility America's Revo lut ionary Heritage Enlightenment Philosophy Religious Zeal Religious Liberalism Evangelical Revivalism Second Great Awakening- Charles Finney New Religious Order Baptists & Methodists Other New Denominations- Seventh Day Adventists Mormonism- Joseph Smith and Brigham Young Spiritualism- Katie & Maggie Fox, 1848 Types of Reform Moral Reform Combating Prostitution Temperance Movement Social Reform New Approach to Crime and Imprisonment Public Education The Mentally and Physically Disabled Radical Reform Abo lit io n Movement The Early Wo men's Rights Movement Roots of the Movement Seneca Falls, 1948 Transcendentalism Utopian Co mmunit ies Shakers- Mother Ann Lee, 1774 Oneida Community- John Humphrey Noyes 1 Others Consequences of the Antebellum Reform Era Formed Foundat ion For Future Reforms Abolitionism Southern Defense of Slavery Increased Sectional Tension Over Slavery Issue 2 ...
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