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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 13 Lecture Outline The Old South Images and Realit ies Mythical Source of Sectional Differences Northerners: Descendents of 17th-Century Puritans Southerners: Descendents of England's Country Gentry The Plantation Legend The South's Plantation Stereotype Realit ies Concerning the South Diverse and Co mplex Regio n D iversit y in Agr icu lt ural Pro duct io n Reg io nal D ifferenc es and Co nflict s Co mp lex So cial St ruct ure D iversit y amo ng S laveo wner s Realit ies Concerning the South Wo men's Work More Vigorous than in the North Profitabilit y and Expansio n of Slavery Southern Agricultural Production's Relat ionship wit h Northern Economic Development The Economy o f the South Negative Impact of Slavery Lack of Urban Development Neglect of Industry and Transportation Improvements Low Taxation and Public Funding for Education More Stratified Societ y Concentration of Slave and land Ownership Amo ng a Minorit y Decline o f Ant islavery Sent iment End of Openness to Antislavery Ideas, 1830s Response to Surge in Abo lit io nism fro m the North Pressure of Public Opinio n and State Law Escalat ion in the Defense o f Slavery During the 1830s Reform of Southern Slavery Missio nary Act ivit ies Ameliorat ion of Codes Southern Paternalism The Paradox of Stricter Slave Restrict ions Southern Nationalism Defense of Slavery Response to Militant Abo lit io nism and Slave Revolts Denunciat ion of Wage Labor 1 Defense of Slavery on Racial Grounds Southern Economic Self- Sufficiency Regional Independence Southern Radicalism Aggressive Annexat ion of New Slave Territory William Walker Southern Slavery Slaves' Status Slaves Work Slaves' Material Condit ion The Slave Family Slave Culture The Status and Role of Free African Americans 2 ...
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  • Slavery in the United States, Southern United States, Southern Slavery Slaves, Slave Family Slave, ies Ameliorat ion

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