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Summary&Response Instructions

Summary&Response Instructions - response is...

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Essay I Assignment: Summary and Response Your assignment is to write a summary of and response to one of the essays from the Unit I reading assignments. Steps in the process: Choose one of the essays for your response. Read and annotate the essay (example on POA 68). Outline the major points of the essay (example on POA 73-74). Write a summary of the essay using the following criteria: Identifies author and title Provides a general descriptive overview of the essay Presents the writer’s primary claim and the most important supporting arguments Presents an objective, balanced overview Is written almost entirely in your words, not the author’s Write a well-developed response to the essay. While the summary is objective, the
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Unformatted text preview: response is subjective, presenting your ideas on the essay. The response can take one of the following forms: (1) an explanation of your agreement or disagreement with the author’s claim(s) or (2) an evaluation of the author’s presentation of his or her argument. Your response should present evidence from your own knowledge and experience to support your argument. Do not use additional resources for this essay. Length: 600-800 words (2-2 ½ pages). Summary @ 250 words and Response @400-600 words Turning in your work: Turn in your work in a pocket folder (standard size). Along with your final essay, turn in the outline and rough draft. The essay is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, February 6 ....
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