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Review Questions - and definition, then claims of cause,...

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Harper 1 Bianca Harper Eng 1304.42 Ms Schrock 25 February 2008 Review Questions 1) The five types of claims are claims of fact, claims of definition, claims of cause, claims of value, and claims of policy 2) Claims of Fact- Did it happen? Is it true? Does it exist? Etc… Claims of Definition- What is it? What is it like? How should it be classified? Etc… Claims of Cause- What caused it? Where did it come from? Why did it happen? Etc… Claims of Value- Is it good or bad? How bad? How good? Etc… Claims of Policy- What should we do? How should we act? What should future policy be? Etc… 3) The predictable sequence that claims usually follow in real-life situations claims of fact
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Unformatted text preview: and definition, then claims of cause, and lastly claims of policy. 4) Writers usually do not limit themselves to a single purpose and claim. That is because with other claims or purposes, more questions will come about that will generate a greater and much more in depth perspective on the situation for a paper. 5) Immigration-Should it be allowed? Which immigrants should be allowed? Student Parking- Should there be more student parking available? Should there be a limit of parking permits issued? Wars in Iraq- Should the U.S. remove our troops? Should the U.S. still try to enforce democracy there?...
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