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sand county alminac paper

sand county alminac paper - Seth Tucker Outdoor Adv...

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Seth Tucker Outdoor Adv. Pursuits April 2, 2008 Sand County Almanac Personal interpretation “Trout fishing – what was big was not the trout but the chance. What was full was not my creel but my memory.” The first signs of spring would lead me to grab my fishing pole and go out looking for worms in the dirt pile down by the barn. Often times my brother and I would have a competition just to see who could find the biggest worm. Once we thought we found enough we would head to the pond. When we were really young we had to wear a life jacket unless our dad was close by. We spent hours walking around trying to find the best “spot.” There were two types of fish in the pond; blue gills, and large mouth bass. I would watch my bobber closely on the calm water waiting for any movement. This excerpt struck a chord with me. Standing out there with my brother and dad gave me the excitement that maybe today I would catch the big one; the one that we’d talk about for the rest of the summer. Even catching a small one was something. It gave me a story to tell my mother when I ran back inside. “Song of the river-tune that water plays on rock, root, and rapid to hear other music you must live here for a long time and you must know the speech of hills and regions.” Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, the speech of surrounding woods and hills made themselves well-known. Each sound had a meaning. The soft wind in the fall would rustle the leaves to the ground, but yet I remember the howling wind of winter. Spring would bring rain showers that splash into puddles on our dirt road. (I remember spending
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a lot of time in those mud puddles.) During the summer my family would sit outside next
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sand county alminac paper - Seth Tucker Outdoor Adv...

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