Nietzsche's Major Ideas

Nietzsche's Major Ideas - and meaning (overman). Such a...

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Nietzsche’s major ideas Death of God: There is no transcendent Being to give our lives meaning or provide the values we need to live by. The threat that comes from this realization is that nothing is worthwhile; nothing has value: Nihilism. To overcome nihilism we need a goal on earth: to become a human being who can make her own meaning, who can find a new basis for value (revaluation of values) in life (will to power). This is a person who is beyond the others who need God to provide value
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Unformatted text preview: and meaning (overman). Such a person will create her own values by continually willing to achieve something as her goal and by overcoming her ill will towards her own past (redemption from the spirit of revenge). A commitment to this life is realized when one accepts the possibility of eternal recurrence, when one would be willing to live this life—in its every detail —an infinite number of times which confers a kind of eternity on this life, a yes to this life....
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