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The Meaning of Life – St. Thomas Aquinas 1. Our human activities prevent us from reaching the goal. Basketball would be an example of something that has a per se order because the end purpose is to win. 3. The ultimate end is happiness. One is to know happiness, and the second is what we perceive of happiness. We all agree that we desire happiness but we disagree on the ways we attain happiness. The most complete good absolutely is to be someone of well-disposed affections, being good and wise. 5. Happiness cannot be created by human hands; it has to be provided by God alone.
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Unformatted text preview: Happiness can only be found in complete good, which can only be found in God because God is the complete good. Only God can satisfy the will of man because according to the Bible, God satisfies the desire of man with good things. 7. As long as there is something to seek or desire, you cannot be fulfilled. You must have intimacy with God because God is complete. 8. You cannot avoid negativity; happiness is transitory, and you cannot see God directly in this life....
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