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Nietzsche_1 - Thus Spoke Zarathustra(I 2 Zarathustra claims...

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Thus Spoke Zarathustra (I) 2. Zarathustra claims to teach the overman. People should be faithful to earth and not believe people who speak of otherworldly hope. The two most dreadful things in life are sinning against earth and taking the unknowable to be more important than the earth. The soul is poverty, filth, and wretched contentment. 3. The camel represents the burden bearer; it takes upon itself many self-designated responsibilities. The lion, on the other hand, rejects duty and focuses in things it will do. And the child says “yes” to almost everything asked of him. People who are virtuous would not accomplish anything because they are constrained to not do too much for themselves. 4. Afterworlds are created by people to deal with suffering and incapacity. Weariness that desires to reach the ultimate with one fatal leap created all gods and afterworlds. The real world does not lie beyond the chaos; instead, the true self lies within the chaotic world because a person is not governed by a single motive. 6. A tablet of good hangs over every people; it is a set of rules that define a good person.
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