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Unamuno - The Man of Flesh and Bone 1 The"real brother is...

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The Man of Flesh and Bone 1. The “real brother” is the concrete man, a real individual who makes decisions for his own life. The so- called man is an abstract man, merely an idea of what human beings are. 2. Philosophy answers our need to form a complete outlook on life; it springs from our feelings toward life. 3. Kant brought back that which he claimed to be false and invalid because the proofs start from experience but then move on to something beyond experience. The only real vital problem is whether or not humans are immortal. Our actual essence is longing to never die. 4. The 1 st principle is having unity in space with a healthy body; the 2 nd is continuity in time by having knowledge and memory of the past. Proposing to someone to be someone else means to cease being yourself, which is undesirable because you cease to exist when you become someone else. 5. The fight is to be aware and conscious. The contradiction is that while we long for an unending life,
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