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Upanishads 1. The third boon Naciketas asked of death was to understand death and what happens to people after death if they still exist, but Death offered to grant every other wish on earth instead. Naciketas did not accept Death’s offers because everything Death offered was ephemeral and not eternal. Earthly desires are transitory, passing and ending quickly. All satisfactions in life become meaningless when the hour of death has come. The wise person chooses the better instead of the pleasanter because pleasure does not last. By choosing lasting things in life, the wise person builds virtue and character, and as a result, he makes a mark in the world and establishes his own identity. 2. The important characteristics of Atman are deathless, ultimate, eternal, constant, and permanent. One who is immoral, not tranquil, or peaceful mind cannot obtain Atman by intelligence. The outcome of life for a person without understanding is rebirth; the person who has understanding, on the other hand, is born no more. 3.
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