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Schopenhauer - This approach fails because it makes us...

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Schopenhauer 1. Happiness is only apparent or rare; life is troubled and short, and life is a continual deception of hope. 2. Pain can be felt, but not the absence of pain; the presence of pain is felt more prominently and registered in the human consciousness. When we are not enjoying life, time seems to last forever; when we are truly satisfied and happy, time seems to fly. 4. Prudence and equanimity, or self-control, are 2 remedies tried for dealing with life’s disappointments.
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Unformatted text preview: This approach fails because it makes us cynical. The proof that people feel unhappy is because people become envious of one another. 5. It is either worthwhile for its own sake or has an unexplainable part. Schopenhauer’s teaching regarding the principle of the world’s existence is that it has no meaning. The world is as good as it can be because the perfect God made it....
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