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My Confession (I) 3. He is being chased by a beast, and he jumped into a well to escape the beast, but saw that there is a dragon at the bottom of the well with its mouth open, ready to swallow him. While he clings on the twig in the well, he saw 2 mice gnawing at the twig, bringing him closer to the impending death. The two drops of honey represents sweet things in life. Facing death causes him to lose interest in the sweet things in life; he cannot enjoy things seriously when he knows he will die soon. 4. The two most important and simplest questions in the soul of every human being are “what is the meaning of the entire life,” and “is there anything that cannot be destroyed by death.” The hemispheres lying opposite each other are experimental sciences and abstract sciences. Experimental sciences fail because they do not seem to warrant the claims about life; they are based on observations and do not explain life. Abstract sciences do not even bring up questions about life. 5. We are a lump of interacting particles when we grow.
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