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Existentialism 1. Essence is the characteristic of the object, a description of what it is; existence is its actuality in the world. First there is a need for a paper cutter, then the thought and idea develops into the production of the actual tool. Humans, however, are conceived and come into being first, and the purpose of that being then follows. 3. Forlornness is being alone and unable to figure out what to do without complete guidance for choices, which means everything is permissible because there is no one to tell each person what to say or do. There are no excuses or justifications for our actions because there is always a choice; any decisions made are by choice, not by force, so we must take responsibility for them. 4. Despair is the absence of hope and not living on the principle of hope. To conquer yourself rather than the world is to focus on what you can control at the present time instead of worrying about what you lack or
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Unformatted text preview: the future; it means not to make hope the final motivator. A person has control over his own actions but not the results of those actions. Not all desires will be fulfilled; no God or being can make the world according to each person. 6. Judgment on other people is legitimate because there is always free choice. Moral judgment is based on free choices; bad judgment shuts down choices while good judgment opens up more choices for other people. 7. For some people, God is the subjective value, and there is no God. There is no value in the world without people because the choices they make give rise to value in the world; value must come from humans because there is no God. Despair simply refers to the absence of hope and not looking beyond this life for hope and meaning. Real value has meaning for all....
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