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Thus Spoke Zarathustra (II) 2. Redemption is to recreate all it was to “this I will do.” We should not let the past stop us from achieving our potential; redemption is to not dwell on past failures. Having a will is the liberator and joy-bringer because will overcomes all obstacles. The loneliest melancholy is the frustration at the inability to will backwards and the realization that a person cannot change his past. 3. Revenge is ill-will against time, punishing and resenting yourself for something in the past; it stops when the creative self decides take responsibilities for a past action and not regret it. 6. 1 st is sex, 2 nd is the lust to rule, or desiring domination, and 3 rd selfishness. Sex is the future’s exuberant gratitude to the present. Lust to rule is a way for a person to achieve total self-sufficiency and autonomous. Being selfish and self-centered is simply trying to improve yourself. 8.
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