Test%201 - Parts of the neuron action potential What is a...

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Study Guide for Exam#1 Chapter 1 – What is Psychology Key people: Wilhelm Wundt Edward Titchener William James John B. Watson Sigmund Freud Key concepts: Theme of your book: evaluate the evidence 3 major philosophical issues in PSY what psychologists do (different types, what areas are they in, what are the educational requirements) functionalism/structuralism behaviorism psychoanalysis Chapter 2 – Scientific Methods in Psychology Key concepts: the scientific method (what is it, why do we use it, steps to gathering & evaluating evidence) goals of the scientific method replicability falsifiable parsimony (Clever Hans) Operational definitions Population types of samples Observational research designs (all types w/pros and cons) o study correlational designs (do you know what “r” means?) Experimental research designs (IVs and DVs) Mean, median, mode, normal distribution Chapter 3 – Biological Psychology Key concepts: why is biology important in psychology and in understanding behavior?
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Unformatted text preview: Parts of the neuron action potential What is a neurotransmitter? Synapse? How do neurons communicate? implications of neurotransmitters on behavior divisions of the nervous system 1 Brain regions, Hemispheres, Lobes brain development corpus callosum (split-brain patients, visual pathway) Chapter 4 – Sensation & Perception; Module 4.2 not on exam Key concepts: terminology light, electromagnetic spectrum eye structure rods vs cones color vision ( 3 theories) Thresholds o signal detection theory Subliminal perception Perception & recognition of patterns o brightness contrast o face recognition o feature detectors o Gestalt psychology (know what it is) Perception of movement & depth o optical illusions o auditory illusions o cross-cultural influences Remember, all class discussions are fair game. 2...
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Test%201 - Parts of the neuron action potential What is a...

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