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Animals in Rodeo There would be no rodeo and the rodeo cowboy would soon be obsolete without livestock. Healthy and athletic livestock are important to the success of the rodeo cowboys. The performance of the animal makes or breaks the cowboy and will either guarantee him a win or a loss in every event. It makes sense that the better the livestock is treated, the better performance it will give. Cowboys and livestock have a long history going back to the Old West. As it was true then, and is today, the animal is fed and taken care of first. The members of the PRCA believe that all animals should be treated humanely. Since 1947, rules and regulations have been in place to protect its animals. These rules are continually
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Unformatted text preview: updated and include almost 60 rules that are specifically geared toward the humane treatment of all rodeo livestock. There is an entire section on Rodeo Livestock that is covered in the PRCA Rule Book. The PRCA also publishes humane facts pamphlets that outline the care and treatment of professional rodeo livestock. By inspecting every animal before it is selected for competition, the PRCA experts can weed out the unhealthy animals before they reach competition. They want only the healthy and athletic animals. Should an animal become sick or hurt between the time it is drawn and the time it is scheduled for a rodeo competition, it will be replaced with another animal....
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