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Factory Farming: Poultry The chicken and turkey industries are booming due to the growing number of consumers switching from red meat to poultry. Poultry companies are also benefiting from the expanding markets around the world. The number of chickens and turkeys that are being raised and killed for meat in the U.S. every year have hit a record high. Nearly ten billion chickens and over a quarter billion turkeys are hatched annually in the U.S. The birds are typically crowded into huge, factory-like warehouses by the thousands where they can barely move. Where turkeys are given less than three square feet of space, chickens are given less than half a square foot. Both chickens and turkeys have the ends of their beaks cut off shortly after hatching and turkeys also have the ends of their toes clipped off. These mutilations are done ostensibly, without anesthesia, to reduce injuries that result when stressed birds are driven to fighting. Broiler chickens today have been genetically altered to grow twice as large and twice as
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