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Alex Rubi Dr. Evie Shockley Black Poetry Midterm 9 October 2006 Langston Hughes’ Graduation: Paragraph one – Introduce Hughes as an African American poet who took pride in his culture. He emphasized identity as being something all African Americans should embrace not discard. This is something made apparent not only within his poetry but his essays. Hughes can be seen as a realist for although he portrays his people with pride, he glorifies them by introducing the reader to the trials and tribulations of being African American in the united states. His poem entitled graduation is a perfect example of the
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Unformatted text preview: African American struggle with integration and identity. Paragraph two- How does the poem portray the struggle with identity and integration? There are two characters, mama and Mary Lulu Jackson. Mary Lulu Jackson seems to have graduated from either highschool or college. Although the poem is entitled graduation the emphasis does not seem to be on her, but mama. Mama seems to be representative of what Langston Hughes calls “common folk” in his essay....
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