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Zainab Salbioff was a reporter who went to Iraq to comment on the woman activism occurring in Iraq. The woman in Iraq had more political power between the 50’s and 70’s, compared to the 80’s and 90’s. The reason for this change is that when Iraq went to war, Saddam Hussein used sexual violence against woman for political gain. Women of the families that opposed his political party were usually subjected to rape and violence. None of the vast political parties in Iraq have any woman in them. The United States presence in Iraq has enabled an increase in woman’s rights, but they are still a long way from equality. Women in Iraq can not leave their homes because of the risk of war, so their children are not being educated. There is now a market in Baghdad that involves the trafficking of women. Due to this market, women have been kidnapped right out of their homes to be sold on this market. Women are huge targets for abuse in Iraq. Due to the overwhelming kidnapping that is occurring in Iraq now, women really have no sense
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Unformatted text preview: of safety walking outside their houses. Women are very satisfied that Saddam is out of the country, but they just would like the war to end so they could live normal lives. A group called Women for Women International is helping women survivors of wars and civil conflict to become feminine activists in their own community, spreading their philosophies of equality between men and women. The program offers sponsorship of woman in countries struggling with female activism. Sponsors from manly North America, send $25 to their sponsors in such countries as Bosnia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Colombia, Pakistan and Iraq. 15nGWv_8TFqnh1cc/full.html Bibliography Fallon, James. The U.K. Outrageous Outdoors. Women's Wear Daily. 180 (122): 11, December 29, 2000. Fairchild Publications. RDS Contemporary Woman Issues Databases. Words used for search: Advertising Mass Media...
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