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Boys and Girls Essay

Boys and Girls Essay - In the essay"Boys and Girls by Alice...

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In the essay “Boys and Girls” by Alice Munro, the narrator describes the hardships she endured growing up in a masculine/family business environment. This story does not accurately portray how a girl is supposed to behave in a family environment. The narrator seems to possess more masculine features as opposed to feminine traits compared to typical girls. Although she was not a conforming girl in society, she seemed to accept her masculine traits, and considered femininity to be boring and depressing. It was very hard to follow this story, because the narrator wanted to be portrayed as a more masculine girl. She did not have much of an option as to whether she could have a more feminine job growing up in the family, but she accepted the masculine job her father gave her, despite her atypical role. Everything about the narrator portrayed her as being a manlier girl, including the stories the narrator would tell herself at night that described her “courage, boldness and self-sacrifice” (Munro, 39). These adjectives and nouns are typically associated with masculine characteristics. Everything about her was very unusual for a girl, which leads one to believe that she was raised to be more of a boy as opposed to a girl. She had a different interpretation of what girls could do, and this is what made her case so unique. Another one of these examples was when she had to endure the sight of her father skinning the foxes in her house, and leaving the dead carcasses in some bucket in the cellar of the house; something that girls in the 1940’s should not have to witness or be exposed to see. In the 1940’s, woman were still expected
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