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An Inconveniant review - Dr Lawrence Comp I A True...

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Dr. Lawrence Comp I August 26, 2006 A True Inconvenience Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” presents a truly convincing argument about the dangers of global warming and the negative effects humans are having on the environment. Gore’s mastery of the three elements of rhetoric allows him to deliver an extremely effective presentation. The film is an adaptation of a Keynote presentation nicknamed “the slide show.” Throughout “the slide show” Gore provides numerous facts on the dangers and problems with global warming. He includes the opinions of many authorities on the matter in order to refute any critics of our situation. Along with the segments from various specialists, Gore’s slideshow includes convincing graphs of the CO 2 and temperature levels for today versus the past millennia. Through the use of a carefully planned and flawlessly executed rhetorical argument, Gore is able to convince even the most stubborn of minds, like myself. Al Gore puts himself in many personas throughout the movie, catering to what ever the people want. Initially, Gore introduced himself as the “former next President of the United States of America;” with the underlying tone of a joke, he set up the precedent for the rest of the presentation. Gore’s target audience seemed to be the masses of our country, ignorant and simple-minded. Gore’s ethos was geared mainly for the masses with subtle undertones of political humor and intellectual banter. Al Gore also established himself as one of the first people to realize the dangers associated with the rising CO2,
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An Inconveniant review - Dr Lawrence Comp I A True...

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