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Sanchez Response - Alex Rubi Black Poetry Dr Shockley...

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Alex Rubi Black Poetry Dr. Shockley November 13 th , 2006 Response Paper Five “Father’s Voice” is merely one work of many that compose a much larger poem entitled does “Does Your House Have Lions?” by Sonia Sanchez. This poem is anything but ordinary. Even without a thorough reading of this poem one can see that this poem uses some extremely unconventional literary techniques. Its form is something completely innovative. “Father’s Voice” is made up of eleven stanzas, all of which inhabit their very own page. While this is seemingly unconventional, there is even some more consistency in its form represented by the fact that each stanza happens to contain seven lines, making them all “septets”. I am unsure as to whether or not this is innovative (although it is obviously intentional), for there is nothing in the context of the poem that makes apparent any sort of relationship between itself and this number.
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