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chp 2,4,5,6,7 notes - COMM130Chapter 2: Modes of speech...

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COMM130- Chapter 2: Modes of speech deliver: o Manuscript- Advantages: security- never at loss for words and won’t forget key ideas have all dates and specific info there disadvantages: boring hard to make it sound normal cant walk around or move away from podium limits ability to adapt to audience o impromptu- on the spot- little or no lead time or preparation good to be able to do because use this all the time o extemporaneous- using notes most common and highly recommended mode outline style advantages can adapt to audience use gestures make eye contact audiences prefer because more natural disadvantages easier to be at lose for words mess up on grammar no text so cant “quotable quotes” to give to media different purposes of speech: o informative- to teach, impart knowledge or change audience members factual beliefs in some way need accurate details && must be credible need to make sure points are understood must inspire audience to have confidence in your info o persuasive- conveying message to change opinion, attitude, beliefs or behavior need to take a position on an issue and try to get audience to support you o entertaining- to amuse or create positive feelings
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chp 2,4,5,6,7 notes - COMM130Chapter 2: Modes of speech...

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