final notes - Chapter 12 Book Personality Formation and the...

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Chapter 12: Book: Personality Formation and the Life Cycle Psychological anthropology- the specialization within ethnology o Studies relation between individuals and their cultural system o Major interest: relation between personality and culture Ruth Benedict: Ideal personality type and culture o Book: patterns of culture o Each culture has an ideal personality that varies between cultures Something considered “normal” in one culture could be “weird” in another Culture and Ideas about when life begins o Every culture has its own idea of when life begins o U.S. People are unsure of when life begins Pro-life: life begins at conception o Cheyenne Life begins at conception o Canadian Inuit: Ok for new born female child born in winter to be left out to die o Ancient Greece Ok for unwanted child to be left on roadside to die or raised by someone else as servant or child i.e. Oedipus o Osage (native American) When get name = human Waited until they were sure infant would survive o Pre-industrial societies Waiting until sure infant would live to consider human Male initiation rites: o Usually painful/traumatic Mescalara Apache girls o Ceremony is: Reincarnation Blessed by singers/relatives Plucked out hair Girls become mothers of the tribe Significance of Puberty Rites o To show that girl became a women or boy became a man to society Age Set Association: Stage General characteristics Associated rites of passage Childhood Learning social behavior Naming Adolescence Sexual maturity Puberty rites Adulthood Full social&economics responsibilities Marriage and/or parenthood Old age Varies greatly “retirement” death
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and burial rite Hopi children and kachinas:
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final notes - Chapter 12 Book Personality Formation and the...

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