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Penelope Paredes English 1-4 September 21, 2020 “Flowers for Algernon” quiz 1.One thing that should be annotated while reading is a theme. Themes are important because they are symbolic and they are central to the story. Themes can help the reader understand the story in different ways. Another thing that should be annotated is questions. Asking questions helps the reader understand the text more. Asking questions can also reveal symbolism and motifs in the story. 2.The protagonist of “Flowers for Algernon” is Charlie Gordon” 3.An argument Dr. Strauss uses to persuade Dr. Nemur is that Charlie has good motivation. He says that Charlie wants to learn and is eager to please. Another argument Dr. Strauss uses is that Charlie is very different from most people of his intelligence level. Most people with low IQ are hostile, uncooperative and hard to reach. However, Charlie is good natured and cooperative. 4.The second chance Miss Kinnian talks about is the surgery. The surgery will triple Charlie’s IQ.
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