Engin112-F07-intro - Engin112 Lecture 1 Introduction Maciej...

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1 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 09/05/2007 Engin112 – Lecture 1 Introduction Engin112 – 09/05/2007 2 Welcome ± y Areas of study and courses available at UMass ECE y y Incentives to study ECE ± What is Engin112 all about? ± Course organization and logistic
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2 Engin112 – 09/05/2007 3 Welcome! ± ECE is an exciting field of study: analog devices circuit design semiconductor manufacturing mixed-signals devices quantum semiconductor heterostructures solid-state circuits communication nanotechnology dielectrics and electrical insulation product safety engineering wireless communication low-power systems magnetics signal processing microwave engineering computer architecture antenna design single-chip multiprocessors multimedia systems microcontrollers optoelectronic devices computer aided design power engineering computer graphics manufacturing software engineering vehicular technology software radio information theory ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control superconductivity hardware programmable logic VLSI circuits electromagnetics remote sensing nano devices instrumentation and measurement robotics and automation bioelectronics chip packaging reliability algorithms computer networks feedback control theory real-time systems radar systems verification Engin112 – 09/05/2007 4 Electrical Engineering at UMass ± y y ECE 585 Microwave Engineering ± Electronics y ECE 211-212 Circuit Analysis y ECE 323-324 Electronics ± Control y ECE 580 Control Theory y ECE 581 Dynamic Systems
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Engin112-F07-intro - Engin112 Lecture 1 Introduction Maciej...

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