Engin112-F07-L22-comb-design - Engin112 Lecture 22...

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Maciej Ciesielski Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 10/26/2007 Engin112 – Lecture 22 Combinational Logic Design 10/26/2007 Engin 112 - Intro to ECE 2 Recap from last lectures ± Standard arithmetic components (combinational) y Adders/subtractors y Multipliers y Comparators y Decoders, Encoders y Multiplexers (MUX), deMultliplexers Today’s lecture: ± Designing combinational logic y Standard procedure (review) » Truth table, K-maps, gate-level network y Modular design » Implementing combinational logic with decoders and MUXes
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10/26/2007 Engin 112 - Intro to ECE 3 Custom Approach to Logic Design ± Standard approach to logic design y Define the problem: problem specification y Create truth table (or write Boolean equations directly) y Simplify logic expressions » Karnaugh map » Logic minimization software ± This approach is used for unstructured (custom) logic y Control logic y “Glue” logic y “Random” logic 10/26/2007 Engin 112 - Intro to ECE 4 BCD to 7-segment Display ± Problem (4.9). Design a BCD-to7segment display decoder.
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Engin112-F07-L22-comb-design - Engin112 Lecture 22...

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