Engin112-F07-L11-devices - Engin112 Lecture11 Electronic...

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Maciej Ciesielski Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 09/28/2007 Engin112 – Lecture11 Electronic Devices 09/28/2007 Engin 112 - Intro to ECE 2 Implementation of Logic Gates ± Principles of operation of logic gates y Transistor as a switch y MOS transistor y CMOS process ± Reading assignment y Mano, Chapter 10.7 (CMOS devices)
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09/28/2007 Engin 112 - Intro to ECE 3 Device Physics - basics ± Current = flow of electrical charges ± Two types of charge carriers y Electrons y Holes ± Two types of semiconductors y n-type, rich in electrons y p-type, rich in holes ± MOS = metal, oxide, semiconductor structure ± MOS transistor = voltage-controlled switch y When control (gate) voltage = high (1), transistor is ON, conducts y When control (gate) voltage = low (0), transistor is OFF ± There are two types of MOS transistors y nMOS – conducting charges are electrons y pMOS – conducting charges are holes Metal Oxide (SiO 2 ) Si -substrate Semiconductor (Si) 09/28/2007 Engin 112 - Intro to ECE 4 The MOS Transistor Polysilicon Aluminum ±
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Engin112-F07-L11-devices - Engin112 Lecture11 Electronic...

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