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1 Tilman Wolf Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 9/6/07 ENGIN 112 – Discussions 1 Example Systems Engin112 – 9/6/07 Example Systems ± What is an example systems from ECE? y What does it do? y How does it work? ± Many related questions: y What are its main components? y Does it use analog or digital circuits? y Does it store or process information? y Does it sense or actuate anything? y Does it transmit or receive signals? y How does it interact with users? y How does it make our lives better? ± Many examples may appear complex y Don’t worry if you don’t understand it all y This is just an overview
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Engin112 – 9/6/07 Thermostat ± What does a thermostat do? ± How does it work? Engin112 – 9/6/07 Thermostat ± Purpose: control furnace to maintain temperature ± Analog thermostat y Bimetallic coil strip expands and contracts with change in temperature y Mercury switch moves to open and close circuit that triggers heater ± Digital thermostat y Senses temperature and
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ENGIN112-F07-01-Intoduction - ENGIN 112 Discussions 1...

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