Engin112-F07-L15-combinational - Maciej Ciesielski...

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Unformatted text preview: Maciej Ciesielski Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 10/09/2007 Engin112 Lecture 15 Combinational Circuits 10/09/2007 Engin 112 - Intro to ECE 2 Recap from last lecture Incompletely specified functions y Dont cares in Karnaugh map NAND and NOR implementations y NOT, AND, OR from NAND or OR gates y Convert sum of terms into NAND implementation AND-invert and invert-OR representation Double bubbles This lecture y Combinatorial circuits Analysis of circuits Design of circuits 10/09/2007 Engin 112 - Intro to ECE 3 Conversion Example Contest: implement function F(A,B,C,D) = (0,2,7,8,10,13) d(A,B,C,D) = (6,14,15) y Group 1 : K-map, minimize function, NAND implementation y Group 2: K-map, minimize function, NOR implementation Solution (SOP form): F = BC + BD + ABD NAND NOR F = [ ( BC + BD + ABD ) ] = [ (BC) (BD) (ABD) ] NANDs NAND F = { [ (BC) + (BD) + (ABD) ] } = { [ (B+C) + (B+D) + (A+B+D) ] } inverter NORs NOR 10/09/2007 Engin 112 - Intro to ECE 4 Combinational Circuits So far: single function with one output y Most realistic problems use multiple outputs Need to extend to combinational circuits : y Combinational circuits Outputs depend on the inputs (only)...
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Engin112-F07-L15-combinational - Maciej Ciesielski...

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