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The definition of “persist” is stated in Webster’s dictionary as “to continue existence, last”. Therefore, the “right to persist” is the right to continue existence or, in the case of a living creature, the right to live. It is common belief that all humans have the right to persist yet there is still a debate over which animals, if any at all, have the right to persist. It can be accepted rather easily that creatures without a nervous system do not have the right to persist. These creatures, such as bacteria or single-celled organisms, “live” without any control over their own existence; killing these creatures is more like the turning off of a light-bulb than an execution. This theory can also apply to creatures with nervous systems but having limited mental capacity. Animals such as a starfish or a shrimp have no form of a brain and could not possibly be aware of their own existence. Killing these creatures is analogous to taking away the sight of a man who has lived in a state of total darkness for his entire life. The hard question is not what
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