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group project2 - :INTRO PARAGRAPH For thousands of years...

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::INTRO PARAGRAPH:: For thousands of years, man and beast have lived side-by-side on this planet. In modern times, man has conquered and governed the world that we know. With this power comes great responsibility. As the ruling species, we must decide what we must recognize as the rights of animals. In making this decision, we must recognize that, unlike men, all animals are not created equal. There are certain animals which should be given certain rights, while others should not. One of these specific rights is the right to persist. There are specific guidelines for the determination of which animals will be recognized as having the right to persist. Among the different species of animals resides a specific group that may be described as “persons”. These “persons” have a specific group of rights which may not be applied to non-persons. We will call these rights the unique rights of persons. These all may seem like immense ideas but, in order to make any sort of justification, we must start at the beginning. With this intention in mind, we
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