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The PQ4R Method of Studying (Thomas and Robinson, 1972; Frase 1975, adapted from Bovair, http://www.mindspring.com/~dileader/classes/studybov.htm , accessed 9/12/05) The PQ4R method of studying is based on some extremely well established principles of learning and findings from cognitive psychology. Numerous studies indicate using the PQ4R method can make a significant difference in the amount of information recalled at test. PQ4R leads to a more active learning environment, and deeper processing of information. Most students use a rather passive learning strategy. Passively reading your notes may lead to the 'labor in vain' effect, where you work very hard, but remember very little. TRY THE PQ4R METHOD WITH YOUR LECTURE NOTES AND BOOK CHAPTERS PREVIEW Take a look at the material: skim the chapter headings, the boldface words, and read the outline summary. Studies show that subjects who read a summary recalled the material better, particularly when they read the summary first. Yes, this is why your textbooks start with a chapter summary.
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