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hw ch 5 - In order to connect the employees to the internet...

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In order to connect the employees to the internet, first I would have to decide which type of modem I want for the company. Since it is a business, I would need the phone lines to be open for customers to contact us. Therefore Dial-up which ties up the phones lines is out of the question (unless I want to purchase at least 8 different phone lines). DSL might not be such a good idea either because I want to connect 7 people to the Internet at one time. Cable would probably be my best bet because it is the fastest and cheapest route for the amount of people I want to connect. Then I would need to find an Internet Service Provider, the cheapest with the most flexibility as far as leases and other agreements. After that I need to decide whether I purchase 7 modems or 1 and use LAN. If I decide to use the 7 modems I pay to have each installed and I’ll probably pay for service to each as well. If I go with LAN I will need to purchase one modem (a switch) and have it centered in the office.
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