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a. Curt and Julie apply the principles of competitive advantage by creating a new product (the stove with the wind resistant flame nozzle), enhancing their product (designing a sleek and compactable stove), differentiating their stove from other camping stoves (using the new design and nozzle), and locking in customers with their service over the internet. b. An information system could help Curt and Jen with their customer service. They could use it to keep track of customers, repeat customers, sales trends, etc. An information system could also be useful to keep track of their competitor’s designs and compare/contrast sales between the two. Also, an information system could help to enhance their product. They could make different changes and compare sales from two different models. c. They could have a problem keeping tabs on the customers and the product that they
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Unformatted text preview: bought or they could have problems keeping track of customer service calls d. An operational decision that Curt and Julie make is which bills/invoices to pay day-to-day or how many parts to order from a vendor for their stoves. A managerial decision that they make is what kind of storage will they need to store their excess stoves and who should work on designing an improvement on their stoves. A strategic decision that they make would be deciding whether or not a Customer Relationship Management System would benefit their business. e. Transaction Processing Systems, Management Information Systems, and Executive Information Systems will help Curt and Julie make the operational, managerial, and strategic decisions....
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