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Math Major Info Meeting (Extra Credit) This meeting was showing all the people that are math major or minors, or even just people who are thinking about being in the math major different possibilities of how they can get more involved. They gave a presentation of all the different majors and minors that are available and all the different activities and conferences that occur. The presentation lasted about 45 minutes and was very informative. It was very interesting but a little to much of a work load than what I am looking for. Many different people gave their different opinion on different parts of the Math department and all were very enthusiastic about what they do and helping others. What I liked was the fact that everyone there had a great personality and seemed so willing and eager to get involved and help others around them. It was not a “me” type of thing this was to get vital information out to others so they can figure out what they want to
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Unformatted text preview: do and find the person that is going to help them get there. I also liked that informed us when registration is because I have been wondering and I had no idea. My major had not told me when it was, or even to look out for it. So that part was very good because now I now when I need to start looking for what classes I want to take next semester. What I didn’t like was that it seemed like they were telling you they could help you but if you wanted their help you needed to get involved in a conference or give some kind of talk or speech. I just am not that kind of person to get up in front of a bunch of people and tell them about something. So I felt that was a little bit of pressure towards something I am not comfortable with. Overall I thought this was a great talk and very informative....
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