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PSY-issue brainstorm

PSY-issue brainstorm - we moved in and hasn’t cleaned...

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Psychology 101 Brainstorm My issue that is present in my life right now is my present situation with my roommate. He is the worst roommate that you could have. He smokes, which drives me crazy, and we are in substance free housing. He never cleans up after himself and he doesn’t buy anything for the house. He continues to eat the food that is in the house but none of it is his. He have said different things to him about eating the food but he continues to eat the food but mostly when we are gone and then will lie about eating it even though he was the only one home. He leaves things everywhere and just doesn’t care. My suitemates and I saw an empty bowl of cereal he had left of the table and decided to leave it there to see when or if he would pick it up himself; well two weeks pasted and my girlfriend was coming over so I cleaned up. This is what really makes me mad is that I am constantly cleaning after him. He cleaned our bathroom once right after
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Unformatted text preview: we moved in and hasn’t cleaned anything since. I am annoyed because I requested substance free to I didn’t have to deal with a roommate who wanted to do drugs and constantly smell like smoke but that’s what I got. And the worst part is he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks about his smoking, he will smoke and then walk right into the dorm smelling terrible after we have asked him to not come in right after he smokes. He replies that he can come in whenever he wants because it is his dorm too. I have a hard time trying to talk to him about these issues because I don’t want to have confrontation in the room especially knowing that I have to sleep with him in the same room every night. I’m not sure how to bring it up and what to say. I just feel like this is a hard subject to deal with and I am not much of a confrontational person. I find myself as a more passive person which I would like to change as soon as possible....
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